Dependency and Adoptions

Adoption law involves the legal parent-child relationship created between individuals who are not biologically related as parent and child. Diana is a certified child welfare law specialist.  In that capacity, she is highly qualified to help clients navigate adoptions by step-parents, relatives and foster parents.  She has handled private and DCS dependencies, as well.  Diana routinely handles severances and adoptions, representing adoptive parents and children.  


Diana is on the approved Arizona list of attorneys who may file adoptions at the conclusion of child dependency cases. Diana speaks Spanish, and she has staff who assists Spanish speaking clients who are endeavoring to adopt.   


Sometimes a private guardianship action is needed to protect a child whose parent is unable or unwilling to parent or who is an adult with special needs.  Diana can assist in making the decision of how to proceed and then help execute the best course of action.  


Foster parents may feel they are left out of the dependency process, when, in fact, they have important rights and nformation to share.  Diana can provide representation to foster parents so that they can understand how the case is progressing and obtain advice and answers to their questions.  


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