Federal and state debtor-creditor laws explain the legal rights and obligations of people who are seeking to collect debts.  Important federal laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting act, restrict the activities of debt collectors.  Such restrictions include limitation of the number of calls a debt collector can make to you in one 24 hour period, restriction on the time of day the debt collector can call you, prohibitions against the debt collector bothering you at work, and many more.  Diana is familiar with these rules, because she previously represented major credit card companies and managed collection law offices in Arizona, Washington and Oregon.  If you are being contacted by collection agencies and debt collectors, reach out to Diana for succinct advice on how to clear your credit and resolve the painful effects of indebtedness.  


Diana will analyze your case and outline the pros and cons of debt settlement, explain garnishment, analyze personal bankruptcy options and/or discuss other solutions for your consideration.


Diana also will consult and represent on select collection matters.  

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